Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rusitc Decorating Made Easy!

A few of my eBay items
- qsell

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I love rustic. I try to only offer decorating items in my eBay Store and on my Website that enhances one's ability to decorate in a rustic lodge cabin style. Often customers might be into another method of decorating, but still love the items I sell. Check us out. I bet you can find just what you are looking for!

MUNKACSY Antique Lithograph Wine Cellar

Botanical Fern Ribbon Metal Wall Piece

Meyda Light Bell Shape Metal Folage Amber Shade NEW

Meyda LightTiffany Wildlife Green Glass Turtle NEW NIB

Meyda Light Easter Glass Rabbit NEW

Meyda Tiffany Light Landscape Glass Rustic Lodge New

Meyda Light Navajo Rustic Style Basket Arrowhead NEW

Meyda Tiffany Light Multi Colored Glass Tavern Bar NEW

Meyda Light Multi Colored Glass Peacock NEW

Meyda Light Tiffany Glass Blue Turtle NEW NIB

Meyda Light Pet German Shephard Dog Brown Glass NEW

Rustic Lodge Electric Metal Lantern Light w Bear NEW
US $22.49

Little Ballerina in Pink Christmas Ornament
US $5.40

Little Ballerina in Lavender Holiday Ornament
US $5.40

Little Ballerina in Soft Pink Dancing Ornament
US $4.50

Green Canoe Realistic Rustic Fishing Camping Ornament
US $5.40

Red Canoe Realistic Rustic Fishing Camping Ornament
US $5.40

Vintage Design Fishing Boat Cushion Cabin Lodge Decor
US $33.30

Vintage Design Fishing Boat Cushion Cabin Lodge Decor
US $33.30

Vintage Design Fishing Boat Cushion Cabin Lodge Decor
US $33.30

Bark Covered Rabbit Set of Two Rustic or Easter Decor
US $42.75

Faux Deer Antler Rustic Lodge Decor Candle Sticks Set 2
US $29.25

Faux Deer Antler Rustic Lodge Decor 18 Inches
US $24.75

Faux Deer Antler Rustic Lodge Decor
US $11.65

One Touch of Nature Cotton T Shirt M New
US $15.30

Rustic Wild Pheasant Statue Home Decor
US $36.45

Bark and Metal Rustic Lodge Cabin Style Vase 11 Inches
US $14.85

Solid Brass Bear w Fish Shelf Sitter Rustic Lodge Decor
US $25.20

Rustic Lodge Cabin Style Wild Pinecone Candle Holders
US $21.60

Rustic Lodge Style Brass Bear Taper Candle Holders
US $32.40
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