Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blueberry Season is Here!!

I have my first bowl of cereal with fresh blueberries this morning! Yum!! We have approx. 20 bushes and I'm trying to beat the robins in getting the first ripe ones. I got up early at 5:30 to water and pick before it gets hot today. It was over 100 out on the river yesterday! We broke all records in Oregon as the hottest place in the state. My friend took an art class up north of us on the beach yesterday and had to keep her jacket on all day! I think we will drive to the beach this afternoon when it starts to steam up here! We are just not used to the heat and my husband was one unhappy camper last night. He was putting up fans, moaning and groaning and making it impossible to just go to sleep. Tonight I will send him out to the hammock. Sadie, our white lab, spent the night outside like any smart dog would do. This morning she was up in the orchard snoozing away when I got up. She is probably hoping that an apple or peach will fall as she loves to eat them!

My son dug up some of the "baby" blueberries from my patch to take home to grow for his family. It has only been a couple of years ago and they are already producing! This is little Wills enjoying grandma's blueberries. I'm eating my cereal right now with a hefty fist full of blueberries on it. Yum!

Decorating In A Casual Rustic Style on the Winchuck

In General, you can see the over all view of my new paint job with some of my product. I sell what I love, so it makes it easy! I always keep something for myself to use! I found the wool rug at the local thrift store the other day for a fraction of what a new one would cost.

I have used this antique fishing creel for the past 15 years or so. I love it! The feathers have been added in the past few months along with the stag horn fern across the front of it with the brass pine cones. I sell the feathers, stag horn fern and pine cones! I manage to keep some of what I order for my own use. That makes selling what I love fun. Looks like the feathers need to be arranged a bit more! I squirted the arrangement off with the hose this morning messing it up a bit.

This bunch of onion grass is kinda cool in that you can stick something in it. I tried a taper candle and it worked really well. I have some of those for sale. I made the bark box fooling around one day. I am always saying that I will make things to sell, but never get past one of a project and end up keeping it!

I love those giant faux rock and moss balls! I've sold quite a few. I have three of the copper ones left and about 6 baby tear balls. I put a box in the old copper container with a cloth over it and then arranged the items. I also have 6 or so of the arrangement on the right with twigs, ferns, leaves and a bird's nest with eggs.

I put an 24 inch ivy wreath up in the newly painted entry way. I just sold one of those today!

You can see that the antler broke on the upper left. I get to keep it now! I have the broken piece and will glue it and no one will be able to tell. I have many of these for sale in different shapes.

So then I have those brass look alike pheasants for sale that I have on the fireplace along with stag horn fern, and faux brown grass that I really love.

Hope you enjoyed visiting my new room that is so clean that I will have to vacuum as my husband snacks! LOL He just left to go over to the neighbors. They have air conditioning and it is over 100 out there today! Not bad in the house if you don't do much.


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