Thursday, August 04, 2011

Planning a Carribean Princess Cruise

I often look to see if I have any comments on my blogs and was pleased to see this morning that indeed some readers actually did bother to say something to me about what I have written.

I think blogs are all about putting ourselves out there in hopes to find like people or someone that you maybe even touched with something you said. I found both much to my surprise!

I am getting ready to go on my first cruise. I might just document it while I am having the experience so that I can share with readers some of the good and some of the bad in hopes it will help others with their choices in how to travel.

I am driving to Reno, NV to see a friend in the area before catching a "red eye" to New York. Needless to say, I might have a lot of negative to say about the flight. I am not looking forward to being mostly awake for an entire night. I can only imagine how I will look by the time I reach New York! The reason I chose the "red eye" is to make sure that I don't miss the ship boarding. I'd hate to arrive two hours late for the grand event. It would be a night mare to miss my cruise. I need to give myself the room for delays etc. that just might happen along the way.

I might have a passenger driving to Reno. I met a woman at a party not long ago that is going there on the same day and going home about the time of my return. I don't know this woman very well at all and am holding my breath hoping I haven't made a mistake offering her the ride. One never knows what people are like until you get locked up in a small car for an entire day with them! It is like camping with a new friend and you find out they don't like dirt, heat or sleeping in a tent! I have had that not so lovely experience a few times in my life. I remember years ago camping with a friend who expected to be able to look beautiful while sleeping in the back of my truck without running water or even a toilet. She was disappointed that some man might see her as she really was and I was irritated with her insistence on how unhappy she was with her situation.

I will be going on the Caribbean Princess sailing Canada and New England with 5 of my high school girlfriends. We are all approximately 70 years old this year. We have met up every two years for the past 10 years or so. We always manage to step right back into our 17 year old selves every time we get together. It isn't a bunch of old ladies on a trip. It is a fun-loving group of high school girls! We have been to Florida, San Francisco, Boston and our 50th High School Reunion in Indianapolis, Indiana and now the cruise. I have posted a picture of us at the reunion. We have learned that we need to be in the same room most of the time so that no one misses anything. We manage to get suites at hotels and now we have adjoining staterooms on the ship. We won't miss a comment or a giggle.

I have purchased a new suitcase since they decided on my last trip that my old black bag had seen too much banging about and needed to be retired. I have a brand new plum colored suitcase that I purchased on LuggageOnLine. I chose this site after comparing quite a bit. They had free shipping; which really made the decision easier. I also purchased one Eagle Creek Pack it Folder. My friend suggested that I use these suitcase helpers to keep my clothes from messing up. I only purchased one thinking that if I needed more, they could be simple to make. (Have I mentioned that I can be cheap?) I also bought a suitcase luggage scale. I do not want to find myself re-arranging my suitcase on the floor at the check in counter! I am too old to experience airport hassles. I find myself hating the whole flying experience. It use to be fun, but sadly customer service is not part of the new game at airports.

I am almost ready to print off my boarding pass to the ship as one of the last task to finish. I did get a new passport shocked to realize that the cost was $150.00! I think it was less than $50.00 the last time I needed a passport. Ouch! I purchased a cool dressy backpack to use instead of a large purse to slide off my shoulder as I am removing my shoes or whatever. I have walked through airports with all manner of slipping straps, shoes that need too much help getting back on and not having anything to eat for way too long. I will make sure to put some energy bars in that pack pack being careful how big my water bottle is and have a wrap and a inflatable pillow of sorts so that I can try to sleep a bit. Have you ever tried to sleep while an air-conditioner is chilling your body core down to uncomfortable levels? I have! I took a train to Elko, NV once from Oakland, CA. A fun trip wrapped in misery of too cold, no warm blankie with no sleep. All mistakes and regrets can be made good again if one manages to learn from the experience.

One of our friends is driving cross country with her husband stopping by to attend major league baseball games. This has to be a very good adventure for any baseball lover! Another friend is traveling with her husband from LA to Chicago for a few days before she gets on the same plane as I do for the leg into New York. She made her reservation and seat choice without consulting with me and managed to get a seat one seat away from me! Of course, that poor person between us will have to move or suffer from our on-going non-stop chatter. Two friends will fly from Indianapolis to New York the day before. There will be four staying over night in New York with Charlene and I meeting them on the ship. I'm getting tired from just the thought of that long flight from Reno to New York with too many flight changes for a senior citizen to think as an adventure. It will be something to get through as gracefully as possible.

I have been having the strong cravings for an electronic tablet. I'd love a small device to read a book on, check my email and post on Facebook. I am not spending 600-700 dollars because I cannot justify this urge. I am not a traveler. I do it every two years. I live up a river in the woods where being connected on cell phones etc is but a dream. I do have a computer with WI FY, but my cell phone won't work here at home. I cannot be the geek I want to be!

I will keep you posted on this trip as it goes along and/or finishes with details on that cruise for all to see! See you later.

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