Friday, March 14, 2008

Introduction to Business

I recently received a copy of Introduction to Business by Laura Portolese Dias and Amit J. Shah. Laura Portolese Dias is a customer of mine. She bought some bedding from my website a few months ago.

She asked me if I would be willing to answer a few questions; which I did. She told me that she wanted to interview women who had a business for a book she was writing. Now I can claim to be published in a book! I am going to quote the book so that you will know about the person who is behind the web site: and the eBay Store by the same name, Winchuck-River-Store under the Seller ID of winchuckriverstore. Is that enough Winchuck River Store? I think so! I just want it easy for my customers to find me. I am now also using the address of for those that have a shorter memory. I can relate to both having a short memory and being rustic!

Laura teaches Business at Shoreline Community College in Washington State. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two humane society rescue dogs. I can relate very well to Laura as we have four rescued dogs and two resued cats. I also live in the Pacific Northwest being about 400 miles south of her.

This is what the book says about me:

"Winchuck River Store

Karen Clark, a small business owner, runs a thriving rustic lodge and cabin decor eBay business and internet store right from her home, Her story is one of determination and success. Clark found herself in need of a job after a divorce, which was a difficult situation for her because she had been a stay-at-home mother for the previous 16 years.

Clark had previously dabbled in selling antiques and had numerous volunteer experiences. She worked as an office assistant in the early 1980's when technology was different than it is now. She worked for a company that rented time shares and her job was to create files for new clients. Clark says that after she left that job, she didn't use a computer for a long time. After coming back to using one, she was pleased that they had become so user friendly. When she was once asked if she had fear of technology, she said she had no fear: " I look at technology as a 'dead' item. Nonliving things cannot hurt me, it isn't interested in hurting me so people should just go in there and figure it out. It doesn't recognize your failures, successes or have an opinion about you. There is no judgment to using technology other than the one you give yourself.

Clark says that without technology her business would not even be possible. technology helps her maintain her books, allows customers to virtually visit her shop and allows her to market her products, which include everything from lighting to antiques to kayak building kits."

It goes on to say the usual thing about how how technology in that it helps me get my job done well and the reward is answering only to myself.

I thought you might be interested in knowing about me in words that I don't usually use. I will take this book, read it cover to cover and hopefully boost my business by knowing more! I haven't the time to take a business course, but I can manage to still read between listings that need to be done.

I sold my first Meyda Light today! I have worked so hard getting those lights listed. I even figured out how to make a thumbnail click to a larger picture! I was amazed at myself. The lights are so very beautiful that I am proud to offer them. I am always willing to make special orders for my customers, giving them the best price possible along with changing out choices of metal or glass. You can see the possibilities on my Product Information Page.

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