Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The news today is that our new web design will be completed in 4 to 6 weeks. I've put the down payment in. So, at the latest, we should see the change on our website and on eBay the first week of November. I made my first order of Rustic Decor today from SPI. I have several other orders to process in the next week or two. Then my real job takes place in taking pictures, measuring, weighing and getting ready to place them on my product pages in my newly designed webpage with a shopping cart, so everyone can buy like crazy and make this all worth while!

I have a small budget to work with. I will not exceed this budget no matter what! The webpage ended up costing me a few hundred more than originally expected. It was just a matter of bit of mis-communication. The shopping cart was the most expensive item. In the end I will get my seamless look between my eBay store and my personal website. Customers will not get confused with the use of many of the same features and wording. The only difference will be is that I will not have to pay eBay fees when I sell off my website!

I will continue to use eBay as one of my important selling venues. eBay is amazing with its ability to reach a world-wide audience. I am dissapointed in their recent decision not to make the eBay Stores more visable in product searches. It forces me to create new and innovative methods to draw attention to my items. eBay does make it necessary to re-invent yourself every time they make a significant change.

I am filling out paper work to teach an intermediate eBay class at our local community college. The teacher I had for a beginning eBay class was very excited that I would consider doing this. I look forward to chewing up and spitting out everything I have learned. It only helps me solidify all the many great tips I have learned since starting my eBay adventure. I plan to end each class by collecting questions that students have written down. Taking them home and spending time researching the correct answers. I would like to have instructors do the same for me. I should be way more knowledgeable at the end of the semester! Hopefully, the students will also benefit.

Sadie, our yellow labe who recently had knee surgery has another bum leg. She goes in Friday for a check and I am afraid that it may be another $800.00 experience! I surely hope not. eBay is paying vet bills. I would like to see a profit going into the bank instead of always finding a new expense to cover!

Here is a local bear looking for food before the long winter. This was taken in a friend's neighborhood.

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