Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I opened my email this morning to find that my web designer is about to start working on my site! That is great news. Now, the pressure is on to make sure that I am ready to do my part of this demolition of my current web page and re-inventing myself one more time!

I told my web designer that I am so ignorant when it comes to this internet world that I don't even know for sure what to expect from her. What do I need? What does she do? What do I do? All of this thinking and reading is a bit overwhelming for my tired old mind. I am determined to make my ecommerce business successful. I must gain enough knowledge to make it work for me. I am so envious of those that have knowledge of how all the inter workings of this vast wonderful world of interent business works. My next book to read should be, "Ecommerce for Extremely Challenged Dummies". Who wants to write this book for me?

If any of my real-life friends vs. my cyber friends (who really don't know me!) are reading this, life on the Winchuck couldn't be better. Early fall brings warm sunshine with cool breezes. Mom is doing rather well. Her back hurts less after having Prolotherapy and now Mike Worthey is doing Physical Therapy on her lower back. She should be able to get off her pain meds by Christmas!

We have adopted a little mutt of a Shii Tzu after Little Molly died of advanced age. She was found up the Rogue River and it is thought that she wondered about in the woods for at least 10 days. She is very scruffy looking and has her first grooming appointment today. She should smell better and look a lot better.

Jim is still busy tweaking his kayak. He is actually going salmon fishing today in his kayak at the mouth of the Chetco River. I'd like to see him haul in a 40 pound salmon. He has modified a fishing net to fit into his kayak. We may see a wet cold Jim returning from his adventure.

Ocean Salmon season starts again on October 1. Lynnette and Wayne both plan to come for the short season. Our home will be bursting at its seams, but it is always fun to have Jim's family show up. They stay up late, drink lots of wine and still manage to go fishing early in the morning! I find with two glasses of wine, I must find a bed to curl up in.

Sadie has recovered from her knee surgery. It was tough keeping her on a leash for 6 weeks. She hated it and I dreaded early mornings of walking about the yard waiting patiently for her to do what she must. She learned that finding an apple on the ground made her life worth while. She ate 5-6 apples a day!

We have had only one bear entry over the fence so far this apple season. I imagine they will be back. Sadie often lays out by the back fence late at night reminding those buggers that they aren't welcome. I am always happy to know that we haven't managed to rid our Oregon forest of the wild black bear yet.

Check back often to catch up on our news. I am off to our first appointment today...the vet for our new mutt!

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