Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Winchuck River Store On America's Wild River Coast

Good morning! This is my first blog. I am using my blog to let everyone know about my soon-to-be updated website. Winchuck River Store will have a fresh new look by mid October! I have been working with a web designer to give our website and our eBay store a whole new more professional smooth sleek appearance. Our customers will have a seamless experience going back and forth between eBay and our Winchuck River Store at www.winchuckriverstore.com.

I have been busy going through catalogues firming up purchases of unique rustic decor, rustic furniture, lodge style bedding, hand-crafted lampshades, camping survival kits, stainless steel mugs, walking sticks and even a few great gift items and Christmas ornaments that reflect a rustic outdoor woodsey lifestyle. We will use a theme so that we don't get buried in carrying items that have no connection to each other. We are going to target customers that will be interested in joining our lifestyle on America's Wild River Coast in the Pacific Northwest. Our customers can live in an apartment in New York and still feel like they have joined the good life living up river feeling snug and secure in a welcoming warm atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. Our website winchuckriverstore.com will also carry kayaking items, fishing supplies and garden tools that I have tested in my passion for weeding and maintaining our little piece of paradise here on the Southern Oregon Coast.

My husband, Jim, has designed and built a hands-free fishing kayak. He has been busy drawing up the plans and will be offering these on our website. Yesterday, he was down at the port with his Kingfisher taking calibration measurements. You can bet his plans will be very detailed with all the needed information to build your own Kingfisher.

We have made Power Seller status on eBay, so we will not be changing a good thing going with our eBay busness at Winchuck River Store . In addition to what we are already selling, we will be adding some of our rustic decor, fishing supplies and kayaking items that will be exclusively sold on eBay. We will keep our two internet ecommerce sites separate from each other in that what is available on eBay will not be for sale on our website.

I will post pictures of items that will be for sale soon. I will keep everyone posted on our progress and to share news about our ecommerce businesses.

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Jason PT said...

Hi Mom, I'm glad to see you working hard to pay for my retirement. I know you're one of the most interesting people on the planet. Anyone whose met you has said as much. So I for one will be interested in what passes through that amazing brain of yours. Surely the more controversial you get, and we all know you are good at provoking thought, the more often I'll have to check out this blog. Thanks for starting it.

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Be sure to watch, just above this blurb, my husband, Jim, using his 10 foot hands-free electric fishing kayak


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