Thursday, October 19, 2006

It is Fall on the Coast of Oregon

The leaves are falling fast and the nights are getting cooler. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. One of our dogs, Sadie, had her second knee surgery yesterday. She is one miserable puppy tonight only being to lie on one side and not able to go out to the back fence to warn the bears to stay out of the yard. She will miss the rest of the bear season since she will be outside only on a leash until the first of December. She is over on her 7 foot bed moaning as I type this. I'll have to go soon to pet her and remind her that her two new bionic knees will work better than the original ones she was born with. She is only four years old and both knees went out on her. I think it is chasing bear and deer, running on the beach and going for long hikes in the woods. She ruined herself doing what she loves the most.

Speaking of which, I am worn out doing my passion of e-commerce selling. I think I have the basics now to build my eBay and interent business to the levels I want. I have made a commitment to list 15 items per day and get my inventory into the thousands. With eBay it can a numbers game. The more I have for sale, the more I sell. I will also adhere to my new schedule that will give me the free time to roll on the grass with Sadie in the sunny afternoons and maybe even start baking pies and cakes for Thanksgiving.

Our new website is still being designed. I always imagined an internet site being a living being where I could change it on a whim as I found new interest and new things to sell. I will be able to list things to sell without any problems, but I won't be able to type in long verbage as I wish. I will be using this blog to support my internet site and to let you know what I am thinking at the moment. I better get better on using all the perks this blog gives me like adding pictures etc.

I will be teaching two eBay classes at SWOC, our local community college starting in January. I am looking forward to sharing all that I have learned. Also, teaching is just another way of solidifying what I know, because the information is buried with all the other stuff and not always easy to find in my limited memory bank. I might even type up my lesson plans for you readers who might be interested in using eBay to expand your economic life....making money!

Notice the rustic cabin lodge decor shown in the above image. These are but a few of the items that I have for sale. The antique bells are from the collection of Elmo Williams. You will read more about Elmo as I add his bio to my blog. He is my friend, who is a retired Oscar-Winning movie producer. He worked on many films in the 53 years that he worked in the movie industry.

Bookmark my blog so that you can keep track of what we are up to. I did get one comment from my son, who read my blog. I appreciate hearing from my readers. Comments can be helpful. Jason would like me to write more of my political thoughts for a better world. I always have a lot to say on this subject. I will work on something profound to write. Later........

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