Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dog Product Has Been Ordered!

The first picture is a Dog Spa Basket with all product to pamper your precious dog and the second picture is of a sturdy Flying Squirrel to entice your pet to run off some extra energy.

I have made three orders from Pet Supply businesses for product to sell on our new website. I am getting excited! I will be doing a careful study of the products that I have chosen so that I can write a honest review of what I like about what I am selling and if I don't like something about it, you're going to hear that too. I not only found some good product, I met some very nice people. Jade from ChuckIt, where I ordered the Flying Squirrel toy and Aimee from Cain and Able, the incredibly healthy pet shampoo and soap company. I won't be afraid to hang a dog bone soap on a rope around my own neck for a shower! I am sure that Sadie, Mags, Codie and Buffy will enjoy taking a bath with soap for their sensitive skin. Maggie and Buffy can really use a quality soap to get rid of their itchy skin! I also got a prompt call from Castlemere, where I found some dog dishes and canisters decorated with field dogs.

I think everyone will love what I've ordered so far. I will be looking for really great dog leashes and collars, but I don't want $40.00 collars and I don't want what you can find around every corner. Melissa from Cain and Able told me about a hemp dog collar; which I am looking into. I like the idea of using natural products. I think you will like that too. We can always find pet products filled with all sorts of questionable things. It will be nice if you can learn to trust that I will carry only items that will not take away from our environment and will make our world a healthier place to be for not only us, but our animals. If you see a harmful product on my site, please call it to my attention! It's coming soooon!

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