Friday, March 25, 2011

Momofuku for Dinner Tonight

Pictures to the left is David Chang the author of the infamous Momofuku Cookbook; which has turned me into a cooking fool! I am having a love/hate relationship with David. He has managed to completely exhaust me and totally distroyed my kitchen! I love his food! absolutely love his creativity and I appreciate his sense of humor making his book an interesting fun read for any true foodie.

Dinner Friday March 25, 2011

1. Steamed buns
2. Ramen w/ noodles
3. Broccoli mix
4. Green peas
5. Rice brown for the health nuts
6. Rice white for the ones that must stay with Asian
7. Pulled Pork
8. Pork belly
9. Pickled Ginger
10. Cucumber
11. Green onions
12. Cilantro
13. Wine
14. Water
15. Ice
16. Cake being provided by the master cook, Laura
17. Coffee and/or tea
18. Sauces to accompany food
19. Lettuce for wraps
20. Tofu

I have been the cooking fool for way too long! Yesterday, I finished up the ramen base; which took 7 hours of cooking! I always type up a list of what I am serving so I won't forget anything in the final rush of talking, the first glass of wine and putting food on the table. I personally am not in love with pickled vegetables and one of my guest agreed that she doesn't either, so I am not making any. So there!!

I am now ready to take a break from the cookbook, Momofuku. I still crave making David Chang's chicken wings, but was saved from my compulsion because the store where I was shopping didn't have any. Wonders never cease. Thank you store for saving me from myself!
A previous post describes more about jumping into David Chang's mode of cooking. I'm sure anyone taking the time and effort will agree with me that Momofuku is a cookbook we foodies and cooking fools need in our kitchen.

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