Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rustic Natural Cedar Natural Renewable Choice

Rustic Natural Cedar at Winchuck River Store has always been the Greener Choice...

Wood, the Natural, Renewable, Choice

Trying to be an environmentally conscious company isn't always easy. Many of the activities, lifestyles, and products have proven harmful to our environment. When it comes to furniture, wood is one of the best choices for environmental sustainability. Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Co. provides a quality Cedar product at a price that you can afford.

So, how is Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Co. environmentally responsible?

Wood is renewable - The cedar for their furniture is cut from forests in Canada. The largest trees are targeted as they have the most pulp and they convert the least amount of Co2 to Oxygen. Clearing of old growth allows for younger growth to flourish and convert more Carbon dioxide. We never clear cut and Cedar is plentiful throughout Canada.

Rustic Natural Cedar uses the entire tree -
Limbs and cuttings are turned into different cedar products, such as mulch, oils, and cedar chips. The trunk is used for fencing components and shingles and the smaller pieces are used to make our furniture.

Quality furniture lasts - Unlike plastic, bamboo, or some metal furniture, Rustic Natural Cedar’s log furniture is durable and will last many years. Their solid construction holds up in any climate, year round. The customer doesn't have to buy one every other year. Rustic Natural Cedar’s devotion to quality saves them money and prevents more energy and landfill space from being used.

Wood Biodegrades - At the end of its long and useful life, Rustic's furniture won't occupy any landfill space. Wood breaks down very quickly in landfills, less than 25 years. Plastics can take up to a millennium to decompose.

Reduced pollution – This log furniture company reduces their carbon footprint and pollution by strategic placement of our facilities. They have a mill in Quebec, Canada, in the type of climate that cedar flourishes. Rustic Natural Cedar has only one distribution center in Rhode Island, USA. The forests are very close to the mill and the distribution center is only 6 hours away. From their warehouse, they ship directly to the end user, reducing the number of times that the order is shipped. This logistics system minimizes the number of times that a product is shipped, therefore reducing our carbon output.

No Chemicals – Rustic Natural Cedar leaves their furniture with a finely sanded, untreated, finish. Since they don't use any chemical treatments, this prevents harsh chemicals from leeching into the ground and water supplies. Rustic Natural Cedar doesn’t apply any stains as their furniture doesn't need them; left untreated, the furniture turns a pleasing silver-gray with exposure to sunlight

Rustic is committed to ecological sustainability and providing a durable, natural, product. They provide a product that is ecologically sound. Finding quality indoor and outdoor furniture that has a low environmental impact is simple with Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company. They have done all of the work so that you don't have to. For more information about our sustainability practices, visit our website,, call us (877) 572-6451, or email us at

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