Monday, December 01, 2008

Finding Your Website on America's Wild River's Coast

Many businesses on America's Wild River's Coast have websites,
but do potential
customers know about them?

A group of local business owners with expertise in marketing to the Internet population have formed a group called

They have developed a website directory to inform the internet population about the many businesses in our area who have products and services to sell on-line. will operate as an E-Commerce Committee under the auspices of the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce. There are monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m located at the EVENT CENTER behind Tangles Salon at 800 Chetco Avenue. LookwhosOnLine provides face-to-face dialogue on how to improve your Internet presence along with how to take good pictures, marketing, web design, basic html and networking between members.

We welcome web businesses along America's Oregon Wild River's Coast, who would like to be listed in this on-line directory. will also be working to put together co-op advertising with local media to inform local consumers of the directory and to direct them to our online businesses.

Founding members of are Jude Hodge, from , a local internet marketer and eBay seller; Karen Clark, of, an eBay seller and trainer; Bill Johnson of and Steve Hernandez, who is serving as our webmaster.

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