Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Adding Listings to My Website

Whew! I have decided that in 2008, I will make the effort to get everything I sell on eBay will also be offered on my website. I have always found this double listing a big pain in the behind! Doing it over and over has finally made it easier to do. I have climbed over that humangous giant learning curve that only very mature internet users can appreciate.

I must've put in at least 50+ listings in the past two days. It does me no good to have all this stuff for sale and not offer it to every avenue that I have. Of course, I have to adhere to eBay policies and not advertise my website on my listings, but maybe someone will run into me on a browser. I make sure that each invoice I send to an eBay buyer has my website clearly posted on it with the information that I do offer FREE shipping on my website for most items.

At least I don't have to pay to list on my website so it is only my time that is spent. With my new expertise on double doing, I will continue to do each and every listing on both sites at the same time....well sorta the same time.

Open up these sites all at once on my computer:

  • open up either eBay or Turbo Lister

  • open up my photobucket sit

  • open up my listing site on my website

  • open up my excel sheet for inventory data

Then the process goes like this:

  • copy description from eBay or Turbo Lister item

  • paste description into the website listing place

  • take the thumbnail size picture address of item from Photobucket

  • paste it into my website place for that size picture

  • take the websize picture address of item from Photobucket

  • paste it into my website place for that size picture

  • check part number from excel

  • use that number for website identifier number

  • check price from excel sheet

  • use that price in my website

I can improve this operation. I haven't figured out how to use slide shows on my website. Maybe I can't, but I think it is should be.

I do know that when I have pictures put into the description area of my eBay listing, I can simply copy them over to the website.

If any of you have something to add to this to make the process simpler, I'm here ready to soak it up. I find doing this business in my home isolated from other internet users, I sometimes figure things out the wrong way. LOL

I am also using Turbo Lister to build listings for items that I do not offer on eBay. It gives me the space to do some changing of fonts, colors and to add pictures into the description area. I then copy and paste the listings into my website.

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