Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer is in Full Swing on America's Wild Rivers Coast

I'm afraid that summer has not given us much free time up the Winchuck River here on the Southern Coast of Oregon on America's Wild Rivers Coast.

  • June started off with flying off to Boston, MA to meet up with 5 high school friends. We graduated in 1959 from Southport High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. We still wear the same size shoes, but we now come in various sizes! We had fun lurking about historical Boston, being asked to shut down our party on the hotel patio and being wizzed about by Boston cab drivers, who challenge any NY City cabbies on nerve and gusto. We ate lobster, took the Boston Bay Cruise and only really shopped a couple of days in the malls near our hotel. I still can't believe that we shopped so little. It's not like us! The white jacket I have on with my oran ge shirt was a deal I found one of those days.

  • I stayed an extra week to attend the eBay Live Convention. I could write (and probably will) a blog just on the convention. I learned so much that I don't think I have decompressed yet from brain overload. It was a great time and I got to meet my friend Cindy from NY who I met on line through eBay. I have also included a picture of us with our orange T-shirts from Skiddoo. I am in the middle and to the right is Cindy. Cindy has an eBay store, The-Image-Builder. She will put any image you want on mouse pads, T-shirts, coasters, plates etc. She is has been asked to attend the Red Hat Society Convention being held back east in September. We saw our picture up on the LARGE screen in training sessions! By wearing them, we could have won $5,000 worth of advertising. Needless to say, we didn't win!

  • We have been spending most weekends promoting our Kingfisher Electric Boats business down at our local Masqnerade Market Place located at the Port of Brookings/Harbor. Jim has lots of interest in his kayak. You can see it yourself on our website: .

  • Jim made a video with Lynnette showing how the Kingfisher Electric Kayak works. You can see it at Electric Hands-Free Fishing Kayak Video.

  • Company has been non-stop

  • Salmon season is here and we must catch salmon!

  • Tuna arrived a mere 19 miles off the coast due to warm waters and we must catch Tuna!

  • Tuna must be canned for our larder. We have processed over 5 dozen pint jars and 2.5 dozen 1/2 pints. Lynnette, Jim's daughter, has not only caught most of the tuna; she is instumental in getting it canned. We make a great tuna-canning team. She cuts and I stuff the jars. Lynnette is also taller than I am, so she can man handle the pressure cookers. I need to stand on a stool to have the needed leverage. This tuna is hard work! Jim and Lynnette are now champion tuna cleaners. Tuna is very difficult to clean. The first few were pretty hacked up, but yesterday's canning had very clean nice pieces to work with. We have two pressure cookers going at a time. It gives us the ability to process 28 half pints at a time. I am now forced to clean out my pantry just to make room for all the treasures from the sea!

  • The orchard on the Winchuck River has started to ripen. We have had a great crop of blueberries and now the plums and peaches need to be frozen, jellied and made into chutney! I go out to pick blueberries and find myself surprising the robins. I should wear a bell so that I don't startle them from their feast. We have hundreds of birds zooming in and out among the fruit trees and bushes and I put feeders on the front deck for my mom to watch. Bumper crops bring the birds. They are sure happy!

  • I have been busy creating a new webpage for the Kingfisher Electric Boat business along with getting ready to attend the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA. I had T-shirts designed to wear, new business cards, flyers and I managed to remember to pay our entry fees! I think I will stay home to take care of business, feed the dogs and keep my mom company. Anyway, Lynnette looks better in a t-shirt! Lynnette also has a daughter living in Seattle, so they will be able to meet up. I bet they have a great time at the boat festival!

  • And, the web and eBay business is still chugging along. We had visitors from Southern California show up to meet with Elmo Williams; who is a client of mine. They were wonderful guys and they purchased lots of Elmo's wonderful movie memorabilia. You can read about Elmo on our webpage: . Elmo had a 53-year career working in the entertainment business. Some of you might remember "High Noon", "The Longest Day" and the "Vikings"; which are only a few of the movies that he worked on. Elmo is now 94 years old. I have included a picture of him that I took recently at a party with our hosts Vi and Len Burton of Burtonique Art. Vi is a photographer and Len a fine artist. If you look to my past blogs, you can find information about Elmo that I have written.

Who said that life was relaxing when you reach your senior years? The Clark family is working harder than we ever have. The difference is that now we are working for ourselves and find hard work very rewarding. I am worn out just writing this blog! Thank God that it is raining today so I don't need to go promote the kayak! I need a break. Maybe I will pull out all of last year's salmon in the freezer and can it so it keeps better! LOL

Keep visiting to see what I might say next. You can never tell.

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