Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hollywood Connection with Elmo Williams

We have been busy getting ready for a really fun event here in Brookings, Oregon on the America's Wild River's Coast of Oregon. I love my "retirement"! I have never been so busy and having fun while working 10-14 hours most days. I have been so lucky to have met Elmo and his late wife Lorraine shortly after moving to the Oregon Coast. I now have their lab, Cody, living with me. I feel that I actually have a piece of the Williams' family snoring at the foot of my bed every night. Who would think I'd be so blessed!

Hollywood Connection

Movie: The Longest Day

* June 19th & 20th
* $15.00 each day
* 10:00 5:00

* Presentations at 11:00 & 2:00

* Stories on the making of The Longest Day
* Book Signing
* Charity Auction
* Elmo’s Antiques, Collectibles and Art available for sale
* Catered Hollywood Delicacies

Tickets available on line at: www.EnglishVillageShoppes.Com or at any of our stores at English Village Shoppesor you can simply mail in the payment.

English Village Shoppes

15957 Hwy. 101 S,

Brookings, Oregon 97415.

Checks should be written to Blue Chip Properties

Tickets sold via mail or on the internet will be held at the door for pickup.

Check out our retail business website EnglishVillageShoppes.Com for more information under Events and then Hollywood Connection.

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